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AYURVEDIC NATURALLY is a young company created in 2021. Our aim is to initiate, promote and offer Ayurvedic solutions derived from Ayurveda, "the science of life".

My name is Caroline Fouquet. I am the Founder of Ayurvedic Naturally. I am French and passionate about authentic travel, preferably staying with locals to be as close as possible to the people and their way of living.

Curious and always willing to try out new flavors and new local products, I discovered Ayurveda during my first stay in India in 2015.

I have fragile, dry, fair skin, sensitive to the sun, to the wind and often attacked by insects. I have always had a hard time finding products that are right for my skin, so when traveling I am constantly alert, looking for new little secrets of beauty and well-being.

It was during this first trip that an Indian friend advised me of 3 products that changed my life. I had finally found the base of my globe trotter toiletry bag to fit my skin.

- The Patanjali toothpaste that I immediately adopted.
-The sandalwood soap (Wow !! My skin and hair became very silky, soft and super hydrated on the first use)
- And the incredible Kailas Jeevan's “magic cream” against mosquito bites and really everything (yes, really everything!) Little skin problems.

No longer able to do without my new miracle treatments, I filled my suitcase to the maximum amount authorized for my return to France.

Once home I completely messed up my bathroom and cleared it. It was then that I finally realized the mind-boggling amount of petrochemical compounds absorbed into my skin every day.

I shared my new knowledge and my favorite Ayurvedic products with my friends to introduce them to all the benefits of these wonderful natural, organic and ethical cosmetics.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback, along with their relentless requests for the date of my next trip to India with an imposed shopping list, gave me an idea.

To open my own store of Ayurvedic products carefully selected by me.

Throughout my many adventures across India, I have researched the various players in the Ayurvedic product market.

I have met reliable, sincere people who have since become true friends and exceptional partners with great professionalism.

My growing experience in Ayurveda, as well as my research and tests on the various cosmetic lines, are my guarantee of the quality of all the products selected.

All the products for sale on the AYURVEDIC NATURALLY site are therefore tested by my team, my relatives and myself.

They do not contain ingredients of animal origin, chemicals or synthetic products and are not tested on animals.

Concerned about our impact on the planet, Ayurvedic Naturally sends your orders from India directly to your home.

Ayurveda is an excellent alternative to mass market cosmetics. Natural, based on common sense logic, it is suitable for all ages and all times of life. Ayurveda: for all those looking for effective, natural and environmentally friendly means to improve their well-being.

Caroline Fouquet


Ayurvedic Naturally
Ayurveda and Ayurvedic products have changed my life, I want them to enrich your daily life, help you pamper your body, bring you happiness, well-being and balance.
Indian Proverb

"Do good to your body so that your soul will want to stay"

Ayurvedic Naturally

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We are passionate about quality, sustainability and honouring every transaction and professional relationship. We work hard to satisfy our customers who seek natural and environmentally responsible ways to enhance their wellbeing.

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