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Ayurvedic Body Oil

In ancient India, herbal medicated oils were widely used for massage, treatment of diseases and general well-being. Oil massages were considered to be one of the best means to relieve Vata problems.

Tarika Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil is a 100% natural and pure herbal oil, made in the tradition of the Ayurvedic oils of ancient India. It is prepared in a sesame oil base on a slow fire in brass vessels according to the long and rigorous process prescribed by Ayurveda.

Regular massage of the body with Tarika Body Oil acts as a tonic both on the nervous and muscular systems.

Tarika Body massage oil makes the skin smooth, soft and bright, relaxes and improves the muscle tone, improves the flow of energy in the body; helps in better digestion, an easier and better urine flow, better blood circulation and a general feeling of well-being.

Massage-treatments with Tarika Ayurvedic Body oil supplement the loss of vitality, firm and soften the skin, help maintain the muscle and tissue elasticity and suppleness It effectively relieves stress, fatigue and makes the body energetic.

Body massages with this oil are also useful for getting rid of bad body odours, excess sweating, feelings of weakness, giddiness. Tarika Body massage oil relieves Vata problems and balances the three doshas.

It is non-greasy and gentle to the skin and gets easily absorbed into the skin pores. Massages with Tarika Body Oil on week-ends relieve stress and fatigue to reinvigorate and make you ready for the week ahead.

Tarika Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil is very useful for spas, health clubs and resorts, yoga and natural healing centres. The use of Tarika Body Oil in sports help in the early healing of injuries and quicker recovery time.

Local massages give relief from joint pains, asthmatic conditions, muscle stretches.

The full-body massages with Tarika Body oil relax, de-stresses and energise the whole body. There is better circulation, a general feeling of well-being and quietness in the body.

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MAHASUGANDHITA TAILA – Ingredients Pterocarpus santalum, Aqularia agalloecha, Risina Flena, Pinus longifolia, Cedrus deodora, Sausurelappa, Cardamom, Vreleriana Hardwictrii, Liquidambr Orientis, Cuinamomum tamala, Moscus, Cinnamon, Ocrocorpuslingifolio Mesuoferea, Parmaliar perleta, Helikasaspera, Cyprusrotondous, Andropagon muricatum, Nordastochyo jatamansi, Mooramansi, Camphora, Vitex Speciosa, Phyllanthus niruhri, Curcumazerumbat, Choraka, Prunus mahaleb, Bastarous, Myristica Feagrans, Myristica officinalis, Cubeba officinalis, Areca catechu), Clove, Lamajjak, Bol myrrah, Prunus padam, Woodfordia floribunda, Nalika in a sesame oil base.2. MAHABALA TAILA – Ingredients Sida cardinifolia, Dashamoolam, Alhagimaurorum, Vadariphal majja, Dolichos bifloros, Ashtavarga (Kakoli, Kshirkakoli, Meda, Mahameda, Jeevak, Rishibhak, Riddhi, Briddhi), Coculus cardifolious, Phasiolot trilobetus, Crangeamadrass patana, Prunus padam, Vansalochan, Pistaciaintagrirriwa, Pundarika, Jeevanti, Glycyrrihizaglabra, Witinis venifera, Mineral salt, Aqularia agalloecha, Risina Flena, Pinus longifolia, Cedrus deodora, Rubia cordifolia, Red sandal, Sausurelappa, Cardamom, Vreleriana Hardwictriit, Nordastochyo jatamansi, Liquidambr Orientis, Cuinamomum tamala, Hemideisnus indicus, Achorus calamus, Asparogus satavar, Withania somnifera, Anithum graveolens, Boerhavia Diffusa, cow milk in a sesame oil base3. MAHANARAYAN TAILA – Igredients Aragle Marmelos, Withania Somnifera, Orocylum Indicum, Clorodrudron Philomedes, Melia Azedarach, Paederia foetida, Solenum xunthocurpum, Solanum indicum, Sida cardinifolia, Aputilium indicum, Pedalum Murex, Boerhavia Diffusa, Asparogus satavar, cow milk, Phasiolot trilobetus, Crangeamadrass patana, Desmodium Gangeticum, Uraria lagopoides, Foniculum Vulgore, Vanda roxburghie, Mineral salt, Cedrus deodora, Parmaliar perleta, Vreleriana Hardwictriit, Sausurelappa, Cardamom, Nordastochyo jatamansi, Aqularia agalloecha, Achorus calamus, Withania somnifera, Boerhavia Diffusa,Ashtavarga (Kakoli, Kshirkakoli, Meda, Mahameda, Jeevak, Rishibhak, Riddhi, Briddhi), Pushkaramool, Sida cardinifolia, Cyprusrotondous, Foniculum Vulgore, Rubia cordifolia, Curcuma longa, Berperis aristata, Pterocarpus santalum, Cardamom, Cuinamomum tamala, Cinnamon, Granthiparna, Ocrocorpuslingifolio Mesuoferea, Butea frondoza in a sesame oil base.


Full Body Massages – Pour out 3 spoons (approx 15ml) of Tarika Body oil in a ceramic, glass or steel bowl. Heat it just a little to make the oil comfortably warm.

Then, dip your fingertips in the oil and gently apply rubbing it all over the body from head to toe – face, neck, chest, stomach area, genitals, legs. (It is not necessary to use a lot of oil on any part of the body, a little oil is sufficient as the oil spreads easily.

During the massage, if the skin feels rough or dry, dip the fingertips in the oil bowl and apply a little more oil as and where required.) Next, massage yourself (or if you have someone to massage you, all the better) from feet upwards, using gentle and long strokes along the veins and muscles. Massage the stomach in a clockwise motion, the spine and around should be gently massaged.

Massage the back of the neck with a gentle pressure. Massage well the joints. Massages should be done gently with a light pressure to help the oil penetrate the epidermis and into the tissues and muscles.After the massage relax for 10 to 15 minutes. Then take a warm water bath or shower and pat dry. If you are using a bath-tub pour warm water and lie down in the tub for 8 to 10 minutes. You can also follow the massages with a sauna or steam.

No soap or body cleaning products should be used after the oil massage – this is likely to dilute the effects of the oil. The oil is non-sticky and will get easily absorbed by the skin. For best results, after wiping dry, lie down on a comfortable place and breathe slowly and deeply for a minute or two.

NB: The oil massages should be done in a slightly warm area without fans and air conditioners. Also, avoid windy areas and direct sunlight (especially if the weather is hot). One is likely to feel warm during the massage, but that helps the body properly absorb the full value of the medicated oil. After drying your body, cover yourself well with some comfortable clothing. Do not expose to cold, heat or windy conditions. Do not eat heavy foods immediately.


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