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Copper Stainless Steel Dinner Plate (Copper Thali) With its special stainless steel plating, it is also suitable for placing food directly onto it. Perfect for serving pakoras, bhajis, samosas etc, or dressed salads. Its sides measure a good 2cm, making it ideal for dishes containing a sauce or dressing. Created with high grade 100% pure copper it can be placed on the table, on any tabletop heating device, to enable you to keep food hot as Copper is perfect for good heat distribution, and retention. We think you will find this splendid “Thali” both visually appealing and highly serviceable. Copper Steel plate casts a warm intimate glow or dazzling shine to any event that needs to show your best. High quality 100% pure copper for easy shine and decades of beautiful service. Our unique style and superior quality will give you generations of beautiful service. There is a timeless quality to our materials and the processes which create them. Simply picking up one of our copper pieces invites you into a story of creation and transformation; the solid heft of reclaimed material that perhaps once carried power for our cities or drinking water to your home; the heat of the forge reflected in the subtle fire shine; a concentrated focus shaping sensitive material into a simple form, reflecting the world again and again in every facet hammered forever into the surface. A story extending back to our origins, worn openly and honestly on every piece.

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This particular wand is a medium sized wand, most versatile and good to use on the face, feet as well as the rest of the body. Use it on the face as a part of a facial or as a stand-alone experience, use it on your neck, head, back, arms, shoulders, legs, to relax the area, improve blood circulation and to energize the body. This face and body wand can be used in painful areas like frozen shoulders or painful backs and enjoy relaxation and relief as it eases muscle tension and erases the stress and tiredness in the muscle. Face Massage: First, clean the wand using a soft damp cloth. Apply the oil of your choice on your face (Gopala Kumkumadi Oil pairs nicely with the wand). Then, take the wand and start moving it in circular motions around the eye sockets, across the forehead and upward strokes across the jaw area. Use deep, slow and firm but gentle sweeping strokes from the centre of the face outwards to stimulate, lift and tone the skin. Head Massage: You can also use it on your scalp, entire head area and the back of your neck for deep stress relief and relaxation (You may use Gopala Brahmi Oil or Bhringraj Oil for head massage). Body Massage: For Frozen shoulders, painful back and neck you may use it with Gopala Mahanarayan Oil. Feet Massage: The feet hold many energy points linked to almost every part of the body. They connect us to the earth, providing stability and grounding, and, quite literally, bear the weight of the day. A foot massage with this wand helps you slip into a deep state of relaxation. The soft contour of the dome relaxes the entire foot and help you feel light and energised. For feet massage you may use it with Gopala Dhanwantharam Oil. Pour a small amount of oil into your hand and spread the oil over the top and bottom of the foot, including the ankles and toes. Massage the entire sole of the foot, using circular motions and firm strokes Tool Care: When you first receive the Kansa massage tool it is essential that you clean the metal part with a non-abrasive, organic soap and water. This will ensure that there is no residue left on the metal. For daily care, simply wipe the wand after each use with damp cotton cloth or use soap and water only on the metal part.


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30 CM


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