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Forest Essential Perfume Intense Jasmine

Forest Essential Perfume Intense Jasmine 50ml is a luxurious aroma that captures the pure essence of jasmine flowers sourced from the city of Madurai. Forest Essential’s rich and refined natural fragrance will bring alive your senses. It features at every celebration in India and evokes the sublime redolence of tradition. A truly beautiful marriage of nature and art, it is scintillating with all its luxurious tonalities. This Ayurvedic perfume has a long-lasting, seductive floral fragrance.

To formulate the Forest Essential Perfume Intense Jasmine, Forest Essential sources the most coveted Jasmine flowers from the city of Madurai, when the first rays of dawn set in, and their intoxicating fragrance is at its zenith, with their petals freshly covered in a veil of dew. This way, the absolute is made with the purest and freshest flowers.

Captured in a delicate crystal bottle, the scent of this enchanting queen of white florals, features at every celebration of life in India, evoking the sublime redolence of tradition. A truly beautiful marriage of nature and art, this exquisite scent is scintillating with all its luxurious tonalities. A heart note of jasmine balances in a roundness with ylang-ylang that’s caressed by soft fruity notes of ripe apricot and water lily, before becoming enveloped in the opulence of creamy tonka bean.

The rich combination of Jasmine Absolute, Ylang-Ylang Absolute, Apricot Kernel Oil and Benzoin Tincture with their inherent therapeutic properties makes the Forest Essential Perfume Intense Jasmine a prized part of your daily ritual of self-indulgence and pampering.

This Ayurvedic perfume has a long-lasting, seductive floral fragrance. This heavenly aromatic fragrance is rich in energy and elevates your mood.

Jasmin And Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, Jasmine is known as the “king of perfumes” and is believed to give peace of mind. In the past, Jasmine was used as a primary ingredient in love potions. In some cultures, women wear jasmine as a perfume as they believe it helps attract their soulmates.

Jasmine is also an important part of Chinese medicine. It was included in various herbal mixtures designed to improve blood circulation and stimulate the kidneys and adrenal glands.

In aromatherapy, jasmine is believed to reduce stress and bring a deeper sleep. Jasmine essential oil has been shown to have a relaxing effect on the muscles as well as serving as an anti-depressant. It also has a positive effect on the nervous system.

Jasmine essential oil is used in aromatherapy, massage therapies and skincare products. The scent of jasmine has been shown to relieve nervousness and anxiety while giving a person a sense of pleasure, self-confidence and well-being. Jasmine also forms an integral part of many anti-ageing skincare recipes.

About Forest Essential

Forest Essential, the fragrance and aromatherapy house was established in 2001 by Madhavi Ashish Manchanda. A formulator of Ayurvedic nutritional supplements with over 20 years of experience in the natural food industry, she has applied her knowledge of alternative therapies to create a range of products that are only blended using pure 100% natural ingredients, without the use of chemical preservatives, stabilizers or artificial colours under strict hygienic conditions.

Forest Essential also introduces aromatherapy wellness solutions that incorporate time-honoured Ayurvedic herbal formulations to take care of your body and soul at many levels, by nourishing it with essential nutrients that are good for both minds and body, through the physiological action of aromatherapeutic oils.

Forest Essential was awarded The Frost and Sullivan 2005 European Technology Leadership Award in Emerging Markets for their innovative stance to develop Natural Personal Care Products that are free from synthetic chemicals with a high therapeutic value. Forest Essential’s vision is to bring the science of Ayurvedic wellness into our modern way of life.

Clean and cruelty-free product with no added chemicals. Free from chemicals, parabens and petrochemicals. Eco-friendly packaging.

For External Use Only.

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Jasmine Essential Oil: In addition to its mood-uplifting properties, the essence of the flower helps to improve the skin’s elasticity, to balance oil production and also evens out the skin tone.
Pure Grain Alcohol: A natural form of Alcohol prepared through the Ayurvedic process of fermentation.
Jasmine Floral Water: Fresh Jasmine flowers are harvested at dawn, when they are still covered with dew and their fragrance is at its peak. These are then steam distilled to extract their precious, intoxicating and pure floral water with the most enchanting aromatic and balancing qualities.


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