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Amalaki Rasayana (Ayurvedic Nutritive Jam made with 100% Certified Organic Herbs and Spices) The rasayanas of Ayurveda blend powerful fruit, herbs, and spices in a medium of raw sugar and ghee that renders the potent healing properties of the ingredients in a rich and nourishing form. Amalaki rasayana is one of these wonderful herbal jellies made with a concentration of Amla fruit. Amla is one of the most celebrated healing fruits of the Asian subcontinent and is commonly regarded as The Nurse for its manifold healing actions. Amalaki is a tridoshic rejuvenative fruit that cleanses and nourishes all bodily tissues. It has a very sour taste that penetrates deep into the blood and plasma to clean and revitalize, helping to flush toxins built up in various parts of the body. But don’t worry, this sour taste is heavily balanced by the sweet and rich flavors of jaggery and ghee which act as vehicles and support the healing functions of Amla. Together, these are a powerful encouragement to the structure and function of all parts of the body. The raw sugar and ghee deliver the Amla herb primarily to the blood and muscle tissues, where it begins to clean and rebuild the body by first rejuvenating the source of all bodily tissues, the plasma. Amla juice is rich in vitamins and minerals and has many inherent healing properties that it radiates throughout the body. Recent research has shown what has been known to Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. These studies have found that Amla extract has very potent anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anticancer effects, which work to eradicate all pathogens in the body. Beginning first in the blood, Amla brings its formidable anti-pathogenic properties to clean this vital fluid, and then proceeds to spread it throughout the whole body. Amla extract has also been found to have high levels of antioxidants and tannins that work synergistically with the nourishment of jaggery and ghee. These rebuild aging and deteriorating tissues by scavenging free radicals and thus helping to fight all forms of aging from skin de-elasticity to memory loss. In addition, Amla juice is the most concentrated source of vitamin C known to mankind, with almost 3000mg per fruit, that’s more than two-dozen oranges! Ghee, also a great support boost to the immune system, here combines with Amla to greatly strengthen the immune system and enhance ojas, or the subtle fluid of life. Organic Amla fruit pulp blended with a range of supporting herbs and spices in a medium of jaggery is a recipe for cleansing invigoration with a full range of benefits. Of all the Amla extract recipes Amla herb rasayana is one of the most rejuvenating. There are many Amla recipes but only Chyawanprash and Amalaki rasayana combine its potent healing benefits with the sweetness and nourishment of raw sugar. The many benefits of Amla are all brought forth in this form. Whereas Amla shampoo and Amla hair oil will only work on your skin and hair, Amla rasayana gives youthful shine and abundance to your skin and hair from the roots up. There are many benefits of Amla for hair and these are not neglected when Amla fruit is taken internally. In Amalaki rasayana, Amla fruit extract is blended with a host of herbs and spices that join in a common effort to invigorate the metabolic functions of the body. They stole the inner digestive fire of the gastro-intestinal system, helping both to cleanse the bowels and to strengthen the digestive functions of the liver, spleen, stomach, and intestines. The healing fire doesn’t stop there though, but spreads through the blood to all tissues of the body. Amalaki rasayana stimulates regeneration of every type of cell. By igniting the spark of life, and encouraging the flow of energy this rasayana bestows youthful vigor and vitality to those who use it.WARNING: These properties, indications and modes of use are given as an indication, they can in no way constitute medical information, nor engage our responsibility. For any use for therapeutic purposes, consult a physician.

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Weight 250 g

Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Pippali (Piper longum), Ghee, Jaggery and Honey. The base of this Amla Jam is solidified liquid jaggery (certified organic) which in itself is a self preservative. Jaggery is sugar-cane juice boiled until it solidifies. It has 5 times more minerals than brown sugar and upto 50 times more minerals than white refined sugar. Jaggery has been used in the ayurvedic system of medicine as vehicle/anupana for thousands of years. Jaggery purifies the blood, prevent rheumatic affiliations and disorders of bile and possesses nutritive properties of high order. Suggested Dosage: for adults 2 teaspoon daily and for children ½ to 1 teaspoon everyday. Pack Size: Amalaki Rasayana is available in 250g and 500g glass bottles (Ecologically Friendly Packaging) Cruelty Free Certified Organic Product. Suitable for vegetarians. ? Made with 100% certified Organic Herbs. ? No Heavy Metals. ? No Added Artificial Flavours. ? No Chemical preservatives. ? No Pesticides. ? No genetically Modified Crop Material used. ? Herbs certified as Organic by "Control Union Netherlands". ? Herbs produced according to NPOP standards, NOP (USDA) and EEC regulation 2092/91, CU CERT 019725

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