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Ayurved Sumshodhanalaya Kailash Jeevan is is a natural and safe ayurvedic cream. It is the only cream on the market that can be consumed internally as well as externally.

When taken internally, Kailas Jeevan provides relief for excessive body heat and Pitta problems by relieving burning sensations in the eyes, forehead palms and feet.

It is also good at suppressing inflammation which means it will help with a variety of disease conditions such as aphthous stomatitis (common mouth ulcers), Carbuncular ap Pryor Dakota; Dermoid cysts and skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and chronic urticaria.

It is also employed as a cooling agent for body odours and foot odours.

When applied topically, it helps in removing ichthyosis, Pitta dermopathy and corns without resorting to surgery or cytotoxic chemicals.

Kailas Jeevan cream is recommended for all types of infections caused by:

  • Bacteria, fungi and protozoa especially leprosy,
  • Bacterial infections of the skin,
  • Subcutaneous tissue or lymph nodes,
  • Acute septicemia (blood poisoning) organisms like staphylococci & streptococci,
  • Endocarditis (inflammation of heart valves),
  • Peritonitis (inflammation of the membrane lining the abdominal cavity) and pneumonia.

It is also effective against infections due to gram-negative organisms like Pseudomonas, Acinetobacter and Enterobacteriaceae family of bacteria.

Kailash Jeevan cream is a good alternative for topical agents used for leprosy as well as other bacterial infections of the skin since it does not cause any tissue damage or leave any scarring on the skin.

This cream can be applied twice daily for 10 days to 2 weeks depending upon the type of infection being treated.

Kailash Jeevan Cream has been tested both clinically and at various university laboratories around the world including Harvard School of Public Health, Boston University School of Medicine, New York Medical College, London Hospital Medical College and King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, Bombay.

It can also aid with the following diseases:

  • Piles,
  • fissures,
  • bowels disorders,
  • burning sensation of urine,
  • palms, soles and eyes discomfort,
  • Sleep issues that prevent you from getting a good night’s rest,
  • Chilblain sores on the legs,
  • Cracked heels and chapped hands,
  • Skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis,
  • Insect bites, stings and mosquito bites that cause itchiness,
  • Itching (pitta heat exhaustion rashes),
  • Sunburns


*These properties, indications and modes of use are given as an indication, they can in no way constitute medical information, nor engage our responsibility. For any use for therapeutic purposes, consult a physician.

Additional information

Weight 60 g

Each 10 g of Kailas Jeevan Contents: Coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera) – 2.8 gm Pandhari Ral (Shorea Robusta) – 370mg Chandan Tel (Santalum Album) – 10mg Bhimseni Kapoor (Camphor) – 14.5mg Shankhjire (Talc) – 90mg Kadunimb (Azadirachta Indica) – 90mg Gokharu (Tribulus Terrestris) – 90mg Doorva (Cynodon Dactylon) – 90mg Pahadmool (Cissampelos Pareira) – 90mg Sudhajal (Calcium hydroxide) -q.s.

How to use:

For Adults one teaspoonful (6-8 grams); for children between the age of 4 & 12 half a spoonful. May be taken as suits the age group at night with equal quantity of soft Sugar before retiring to bed. Diet: Avoid vegetable ghee & oily or fried stuff. This is an ayurvedic herbal product for ailments caused by bodily heat and pitta. It's singularity lies in this that it can be used internally as well as externally. Piles: If used internally and externally for a period of three weeks at least, it can relieve the long standing complaints of piles. If taken internally: It acts as a peptic & allays the burning sensation in stomach, eyes, forehead, palms and soles, heat, dysentery, pyrexia. It gives relief from cough diarrhea & vomiting. Burns: External application is useful for burns. When applied externally: It acts as a certain cure to such ailments as itch, acne, boils, ringworm, wart, the abrasion, chilblain, shoe bite, prickly heat, pimples, dermatitis. When soaked in cotton: It can cure such disorders as wounds, swellings, pain in ear. When applied to the throat or tongue or gums with a cotton piece it can cure pyorrhoea, pains in throat, gingivitis, pain in molar tooth, etc. When applied to eyes it is effective in redness of eyes, tired eyes.When applied to the chest and back and covered with bandage it relieves you from cough. Sleep: It induces sound sleep when applied to the sinciput, neck temples, and navel. It is an efficacious tonic for those who indulge in intellectual pursuits. It has cool balming effect on the brain adding a new strength to it. Equally effective it is for those who have to do strenuous manual work. The watery substance produced is also equally effective.


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